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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Back to the $1 ice cream post..

If you remember the posting I had about the $1 ice cream, here's the close up of it.

Yummy yummy. Ice cream, whether its a cheapo brand or an expensive brand, it brings delight to my heart (and tummy.. haha)

Here's the link to the post previously.

For Aussie folks reading, Walls Ice Cream = Streets Ice Cream in Aust.


Jazzy said...

i'll have to visit Singapore (one day), you're putting all the right pictures hehe..


Olivier said...

ca me fait penser, qu'il est l'heure du petit dejeuner ;o))
Hummm rien qu'a regarder ta photo, je viens de prendre 10 kilos. Merci

Kris said...

hahah, at least have a bigger waffer!!

Jing said...

looks huge ice cream!!!
are there some red beans in it??

back to eat my delicious pomelo~~

have a nice weekend~

Bunyamin Najmi said...

Keropokman... you make me so want it...hehehe

Anonymous said...

i've seen Ice Cream sandwiches before but that's jsut ridiculous! It's huge!

What flavor?

Anonymous said...

looks like cookies & cream to me...but for this kind of is with rasberry! yum! yum! LOL

Alex said...

Yummy! "cool" post... I'd like to know how you eat this ice-cream sandwich without dirtying yourself up :-)

Unknown said...

hi all! Thanks for dropping your comments.

Yes, everyone should visit Singapore! If not for summer all year long, the sight and sounds and definitely the food!

For those who love food pictures, it does not add calories, and it is me here who put on weight on your behalf. haha... so indulge.

The wafer size is standard. The flavour's raspberry with choc chip. To eat it without dirtying yourself, wear a bib! or eat it quick enough before it melts :-P

Gerald (SK14) said...

One of these was the very first thing I bought in Singapore back in 2001.