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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tourist Series - Marriott / Tangs

One of the most iconic building around Orchard Road is the Tangs Plaza. It shares the building with Marriott Hotel. The hotel used to be called Dynasty. You should be able to guess why it was called Dynasty. The building has a pagoda like tower.

As most people take pictures from the same angle, I thought I will try something different. I took the top of the building from some few hundred metres away! :-) This is a night shot.

Tangs itself is a Singapore Icon. If London has Selfridges, Australia has David Jones and Myer, then Singapore has Tangs! You can visit for more information. The website has a photo of the building too, the normal view :-)

Shopping in Singapore is especially worth it for visitors from London. My sis stays in London and when she visits, wow.. her money really stretches!! If you are coming from overseas, you can claim the 5% GST back at the airport. The people at Tangs are super helpful and will settle everything for you. If you want more discount, ask a Singapore friend to help pay for it first with a Tangs Store Card. You get an additional 8% rebate. Now you know!! My sis bought a brand new Delsey luggage to put in her shopping goods for around SGD200 after the various rebate and tax return. It comes up to £66 only, which she says can't buy any decent branded luggage in UK.


Olivier said...

cette photo de nuit est superbe, les couleurs magnifiques.

this photograph of night is superb, the splendid colors.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I like the top of the building. It looks like a kid's toy.

Marie McC said...

What a cute building! Like Olivier, I love night shots.