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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mouse & Mouse

Too tired today to do anything. Just a picture I took at my office desk some time ago.

Picture of a mouse and a mouse. :-)

The grey coloured mouse is what I use Mondays to Fridays at work. The white mouse is a souvenir my colleague got me when he visited Hong Kong.


~tanty~ said...

The white mouse is soo cute. I'd like to have one like that :)

Jing said...

Agree with tanty~~
The cute white mouse is what i want to own one someday!!
Why not produce such kind of "mouse" for the computer?

Unknown said...

Hi Tanty, Jing...

I just know its from Hong Kong. Maybe Lisi from HKDP might know where to get it. Maybe you can ask her to buy it and post it to you. Just paypal her the $ :-)

Unknown said...

Sweet shot. I like it. Made me smile.