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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Airport Series - T2 Changi - Orchid Garden

I was pleasantly surprise to see an Orchid Garden with full bloom right in the middle of the airport. Yes, it's full bloom with multi coloured orchids with a Koi Pond to go along with it.

Oh yes, you have almost everyone who was inside taking photographs, people posing etc.

Here's a snippet of information about Orchids.

p/s Changi Airport, Singapore has 4 terminals. Terminal 1 and 2 are the usual terminal with full service facility like all the pictures you seen so far. There's a Budget Terminal as well, which is for the low cost carriers. Terminal 3 is currenly being built and I think it's almost ready.


Olivier said...

Superbe jardin, tres zen, il ferait bien dans le Jardin du Silence d'Evry.
Ta photo est tres belle. On a envie de s'y poser et meme de s'y reposer

Jenny said...

What a pretty picture - I always aprpeciate it when airports make an effort to be pleasant. Detroit, where I grew up, has a lovely fountain, but Hartford, near where I live now, is kind of dreary.

Jazzy said...

your airport rocks, i'll have to make my way there =)

orchids are one of my favourite flowers.

Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful display, and well shot!

Anonymous said...

It seems today we can see a lot of flowers:) I posted with nice green flowers in a house and kris too...and now I can see this beautiful photos from Singapore. Wonderful.

Unknown said...

Olivier, Merci. When you visit Singapore, you can pose at the zen garden too.

Jenny, yeah, airports in Asia are all very new and pleasant, because they are all quite new.

Jazzy, yes, you should visit soon. I will buy you a bouquet of orchids ;-)

John, thanks. But it's not as clear as I wanted. Dim lighting and I had no tripods and I did not want to use the flash.

Zsolt72, It's Flower Day! :-)

Jing said...

so nice to see those beautiful flowers in the airport. hope someday could see it in Shanghai's airport too.
and i even see a beautiful fish!!
nice shot!!


Unknown said...

wow, that is much nicer than our airport. I'm envious. I would love to see a nice oasis like this here in San Antonio. Like the car too!

Meg said...

I've heard about this place and finally I get to see it! Wonderful! So colorful.

Felicia said...

This is the prettiest display at an airport I've ever seen. Like the fish too!