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Monday, October 09, 2006

Giantic Water Meter

How much water do you use? Well, today's picture is of a giantic water meter.

No, I don't think this is for the apartment that you stay in. This meter is at the mains. If I am not wrong, it's one way to track if there are leakages. If meters are fixed along the pipes and measure the flow that goes through, you will be able to tell that underground pipes are leaking if the difference is great.

Do you conserve water? Or recycle water at home?


Jing said...

Um...I just paid the bill of water yesterday!
Um..I recycle the water at home!! Our planet is lack of the freshwater...We should think about the future.Not for us,just for the human beings.

btw, in Shanghai, I never saw the blue water meter. They are all copper-colored.


edwin s said...

no, i don't recycle water at home but I have a mini filtration system. the water quality in KL is horrible!

Unknown said...

jing, luggi, in Singapore we really recycle our water. The sewage that we flush from out toilets, they are recycled, cleaned and purified and pipe back into our water system for us to drink again :-)

(sounds yukki to you all? haha... it's safe.)

If you are interested, view details here:

Edwin, I know, almost everyone in Malaysia I know use a filtration system at home.

John said...

Lots of water restrictions over here, everyone being really careful. Haven't seen anyone hose their concrete for ages!

Unknown said...

John, I heard that Oz has lots of water restriction. I use to walk past old ladies watering their flower beds in the Armadale every morning. Pretty flowers they had.