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Saturday, October 07, 2006

What a hazy day.

It's very hazy. The air quality according to the National Environment Agency says it is "Unhealthy". People are advised to stay indoors, and that's what I did.

This picture is taken this morning. When the PSI was around 130.

It did turn better during the day, but now it is worse. The PSI is now 150.
Anyone interested can monitor it via the NEA website at:

Looks like my electricity bill will be super high. The air conditioning and fileter has been running non stop since yesterday.


Jing said...

Hazy day?? but the colour of the sky looks beautiful if only discuss this photo...
keep safe ...
and shanghai sometimes has the same days too.Recently we are luck to have a clean sky in autumn.

Zannnie said...

hi keropok man,

thanks for the nice comment in my . did you really see butterflies cellaphane ones at Holland V?

the Sculpture you like is found at Toa Payoh some short distance from MOS Burger. It's a very expressive piece of artwork, i find it very interesting too, especially the contrasting texture of their fingers and feet. See that third boy's expression too


Unknown said...

Jing, One of these days, must visit China, hmmm maybe during the Olympics :-)

Zannnie, Ya, i think they are butterflies ones, I was on the bus when they it zoom past. Toa Payoh, I have not been there for over a year and a half!

And thanks to all who visited.