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Saturday, October 24, 2009

$1 / litre Petrol at Shell Stations (and it's causing massive traffic jams!)

If you are in Singapore you would have received forwarded SMS from friends about the $1/litre petrol offer from Shell starting from 10 am to 6 pm today. Cyberians would have found out about it via Tweeter or Facebook too! ;-)

This was just taken a while ago, two more hours to go before the end of the sale and the queue's still very very long! Look they even station a fuel tanker on standby at the Station! Petrol must be running out fast!

There was two traffic marshals as well, making sure cars get in orderly. Cars are surprisingly obeying rules today. They only get into the station when the Marshall blows on the whistle!

Shell Station with Special Q system with Tanker on standby

Guess what? If you go further away from the Shell Station, you would have noticed the long queue! (Think this is happening around the island) This was the scene at Jalan Jurong Kechil. The Shell Station is I think about 200 metres away from this first car you can see on this photo. I wonder how long the queue is to!

Look at the long queue, this is 500 metres from the Petrol Station

There are many unhappy people though. Unhappy people are honking at Queue jumpers! I can hear horns blaring every now and then. Sigh. I think it's only worth the wait if you have more than half your petrol tank empty.


chillycraps said...

the queue at Ang Mo Kio was so long it blocked the whole of lane 1, and buses had to drop off passengers at lane 2...

Ciki said...


reminds me of KL, when price increase the day after.. also kiasu like hell:)

Ciki said...

where u climb up to to get that shot.. hanging from tree ar? LOL

Dutchie said...

No one thought to stock up in drums ? Hubby did that during the oil crisis 3 decades ago n the subsequent car-free day on Sundays.

This stunt is kinda like penny wise n pound foolish, dont u agree ?

Unknown said...

Half the people were happy, others were not. But I sure heard lots of honking!

haha... it was beginning to look a bit like Federal Highway. LOL...

Guess where I was? I was on the lamp post! do you believe? :-p

if they could they will! if you were there early before the queue started and if you had an almost empty tank, then it would have been good.

Anonymous said...

During Malaysia raised to RM2.70, ultra massive jam occurred and some of them are totally kiasu carrying bottles to fill more.

It's an unlucky for OPC owner that need to pay S$20 to drive to petrol station which promotion starts Saturday from 10.00-18.00.

If a Singaporean car in Malaysian road during this day, very lucky.