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Saturday, October 10, 2009

turkish ice cream man @ clarke quay

One of Clarke Quay's so called "little entertainment attraction" is the Turkish Ice Cream man's fiddling with the ice cream that he sells. It's like a mini acrobat display!

turkish ice cream man @ clarke quay

He's quite popular and so are his ice creams. :-)


arabesque said...

yup, this stall's famous alright, apart from the ice cream which i'm curious to try but never had the chance to,..i love the guy's costume! very cute! ^_^

chillycraps said...

I always enjoy seeing turkish ice cream man performing, like one moment you are holding the cone, the next moment it's gone!

marley said...

Tasty and entertaining! Ideal!

photo studios singapore said...

i tried before...he is so cute..

Unknown said...

One day... one day ;-)

ya, he's always 'disturbing' people. I suddenly feel like eating his ice cream now. hmm

try it..


photo studio photography said...

he's great around the kids. makes the ice-cream treat more appealing!

Singapore Corporate Photography Service said...

His ice cream is even better! Real chewy.Singapore (Studio) Photography Services - Professional Photographers

Anonymous said...

may i know what time does the ice cream starts selling?

Unknown said...

Probably in the evening. I am not very sure.