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Monday, October 05, 2009

Big Recycled Lantern in Chinatown

Walking around Chinatown, I noticed so many people taking a photo of this not very beautiful lantern. haha..

I realise that it is another 'biggest' entry to the Singapore book of records. It sure was huge! I tried to be more positive this time and though:
- it's all recycled
- those who participated in it got to know more friends while building it

Recycled Lantern

The next photo is not very clear. But it's all made of recycled bottles and CDs.

Recycled Lantern

Talking about plastic bottles, we got an email just the other day from our (workplace) President's Office saying that for meetings, plastic bottles of water are banned. Everyone's to bring their own cups and get water from water coolers that has been installed everywhere. Now, that's even more 'green'. :-)


arabesque said...

quite unique and eco-friendly...^-^

singapore architecture photography said...


Dutchie said...

Last year we rec'd 2 recycled CD's pasted with funny Santa stickers for Xmas. Hubby has cousins with young kids n they r so creative. Every post thru the snail-mail is a delight :-)

Do u make video clips ? Must be awesome to be upfront n personal with that giant lamp !

Unknown said...

arabesque, SAP,

yeah, it's unique. ;-)

It sounds like an interesting project u had last year.

No, I did not take any video of it. I am an ant compared to that monster. LOL