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Friday, October 02, 2009

Singtel Satellite Receiver @ BKE

When you drive into Singapore from Malaysia, you most probably will see these few satellite receivers.

Though this might not be the equipment that receives satellite TV channels, but it reminded me of it though. Singtel has won the rights to EPL, EPSN Star Sports from August next year. There's one camp of people who are happy (MioTV users) and another that is fuming mad (Starhub TV users). It does not bother me. I don't subscribe to EPL and ESPN. LOL.

singtel satellite receiver

I remembered a friend who used to work at Astro in KL telling me that birds would not come near these satellite dishes. Somehow the birds can sense the frequency and just avoid flying near areas with satellites. Hmm.. Any experts out there can confirm it?


chillycraps said...

i don't know about the birds, but I do know there's quite strong radiation even at the back of the dish.

I wonder if the ones from CRISP are as harmful

Anonymous said...

from what i know, animal such as butterfly uses earth natural magnetic field to navigate. maybe the electromagnetic(EM) field from this satellite dish give out very different EM(that is harmful) so they avoid it(?).

Unknown said...

I certainly hope the one from CRISP is not! oh no....

Hmm I wonder all the transmitter etc that is around to provide signals for our mobile phones etc is causing confusion to all the insects etc. Sigh...

Unknown said...


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