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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the macdonald house at Orchard Road, Singapore's first air-con building.

I take photos as a reminder to myself to do something. I took this photo earlier today on my way home so that I can read more about this building.

From Wikipedia I read that this building has a very interesting history. It has been around since 1949, before Singapore became independent.

Built in 1949, it was one of the tallest building on Orchard Road. It also happens to be one of the first building in Malaya to be air-conditioned! (Singapore was part of Malaya in 1949)

the macdonald house

You can read more about it at this page at Wikipedia.


Stefan Jansson said...

And I'm guessing that all buildings have air-condition today!

DK said...


Most people only know about the bombing. I think not many knew it's the first fully aircon-ed building.

Ciki said...

so.. wherz da mcD?

Dutchie said...

Hey, I worked for a trading house there during my school holidays. I love rumbling old buildings !

It's been 5yr since I was at this spot. Noticed the new appartments around the area. Very convenient for the residents as Doby Ghaut station is just a stone throw away !

Unknown said...

Yes, which buildings do not have air conditioning nowadays? ;-)

Ya, the famous or infamous bombing.

Haha.. no golden arches here for sure!

This is not a rumbling building right? it has gone thru extensive reno. hehe..

The apartments there are expensive!