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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

200km per hour swing upwards for you?

I was in this touristy boat ride on the Singapore River the other night. That might be the first time I am took a photo of the reverse bungee jump at night, and while on the river.

gmax reverse bungee

After so many years, I still dare not risk myself being catapult upwards at 200km per hour. Would you try it?

Few weeks ago, found out that one of friends did! He said life is short and he wants to try everything. (but not for me... )


arabesque said...

believe me... it's scary!
i thought i could dare myself to do it till i saw how tall it was upclose and hear the loud screams of the peeps up there,shrieking! yikes! ^_^

Unknown said...

maybe on my 50th birthday i will try it! to celebrate being half a century old...

that would give me many years to psycho myself to do it. LOL...

you want to do it as well when you reach 50? ;-)

marley said...

God! No thanks! Life is short but this could make it shorter!

Ciki said...

scary.. but it looks pretty at night!

arabesque said...

lol! nah, when i reached 50, think i'll be more scared than ever!
i think that's why they say better do it while we're young! ^_^

photo studio singapore said...

will try one day...seems fun

Unknown said...

but it might be the adventure of a lifetime. LOL

you gonna try it one day?

So, doing it soon?

tomorrow's a good day i reckon!