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Friday, October 23, 2009

The bus who thinks it is a cow

Recently in Singapore, there's a new species of cows!
Cows made of metals and they like to be bright, colourful and pretty.

The bus who thinks it is a cow

Notice the horns on the front of the bus and the tail on the back? LOL...
The honk of the bus does not produce a "mooo" sound though. Maybe the next generation of it.


Hilda said...

LOL! That is so cute!

What's the 'collect all 5 designs' all about? Whatever they are, they sure look fun to collect! ;)

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

That's funny - "collect all 5 designs"? I like the horns. This photo should go with the painted bus in Buenos Aires -


marley said...

That is cool! Makes commuting more fun!

Unknown said...

The cow comes over every few months. They are so popular that the advertising company is selling the cow stickers!

In 3 Rivers,
Yeah it should! hehe..

Wait till you board the Nokia bus! They transform it to look like a lounge inside! Really!