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Monday, October 19, 2009

the red man reading papers at ION Orchard

No idea what's the name of this sculpture. I should have looked.

the red man reading the papers at ion

But do you have the habit of reading physical newspapers? Or are you one of those who like to read e-papers?


marley said...

Very cool!

I read our local newspaper online cos I refuse to buy it as it is full of rubbish articles and bad journalism. Gives local papers a bad name!

arabesque said...

lol,i think they're five of them out there. ^-^
don't read the newspaper, i prefer checking it on g.flip or watchin the news on tv.
btw, hpy d.pavali,does mr. keropok celebrates this day too?

Ciki said...

physical! i like the feel of the fresh crisp paper and the smell of newly pressed ink! LOL

Old Beng said...

Old uncle like me read Newspaper everyday.

Unknown said...

i prefer good old newsprint. LOL

you are the TV person eh? No, I don't celebrate Diwali.

crisp paper, does that mean you don't like to read the papers which someone has read before? hehe..

Old Beng
haha. Me too! I think I am getting old... LOL

ah xUe said...

Happened to stumbled upon your blogs.... thanks for sharing.... now I know where to go for makan! your makan pictures look good! =)

Dutchie said...

Sponsored newspapers r available at the train stations. I picked both copies n read them on the train. Even hv time to solve the puzzels n sudoku's !

Weekend I trawl thru several countries looking at their e-news. Oh, I read Todayonline during my lunch - quite the news addict, arent I - hehe.