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Friday, October 16, 2009

East Coast Parkway Emergency Landing Runway

Was on the way with Momo to send off sis to the Airport. This is the East Coast Parkway (ECP as it's more commonly known).

It's common knowledge that this expressway is the most well maintained so that tourist who arrive from Changi Airport gets to see the most beautiful tree lines expressway. I think it's quite beautiful.


It's also common knowledge that this stretch of the expressway is also designed to be an emergency landing runway if needed. But thankfully it has never been used. The potted plants in the middle can be removed.

Will be missing sis.


singapore photo studios said...

nice pic!!keep posting

Dutchie said...

Now that u mentioned it, I hv never really taken a good look. We tend to yak all the way to n from the airport - haha.

When we finally passed by the first tall housing along the way, I always feel closed in. It's like the air is being depleted. I then longed for my home under the big sky !

Unknown said...


come home! home is calling! ;-)

Dutchie said...

I cant afford the property prices in SG lah (~_o)!