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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

One of the streets in Chinatown

Since I was at Chinatown, I could not resist posting another photo of it.

Do you realise something? Most Chinatowns in the world have red lanterns and cloths as deco.

Is it true where you are? haha...

chinatown singapore

(psst... did they repaint that 'ugly' building behind again?)


arabesque said...

haha, we have red lanterns hanging in here too! ^-^
and yes, i think they have it repainted... the last time i went to chinatown, it's not yet colored...glad it had a makeover!

marley said...

Very colourful!

Bill said...

I was in the Chinatown in Baltimore a while back, but did not notice. I guess I will need to check it out!

singapore architecture photography said...

i was in chinatown too..great festival

Unknown said...

chinatown = red lanterns eh? :-)


ya, let us know if there are red lanterns there. most probably!


Dutchie said...

Now that u mentioned it, I hv not seen anything like it in Amsterdam. Probably they hv taken the frugal mentality from the locals to a higher level - haha.

We did see those cute little lanterns (with 1,5amp lamps ?) during our shopping trip. 22 bucks for exactly 22 lamps. I think the same set cost S$ 10,00 in SG during CNY ?

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