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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where's the shade? On the road!

I feel warm by just looking at this photo. The sun's shining so brightly and I think the temperature must be around 32 Celcius.

Orchard Rd

Do you notice something? Where's the shade? It's on the road where the cars are! The pedestrian way is totally unshaded! Wrong time to walk on this side of the road.

Are you a sun lover? Do you avoid the sun or do you embrace the rays? ;-)


marley said...

I like the warmth of the sun but a rest in the shade with a cold drink is a must!

arabesque said...

32^ is already warm for you?! ^-^
confession: whenever i go to orchard, must stop @ 7-11 near ngee ann, always get dehydrated.
must be really the sun and no shade!

chillycraps said...

Your photo really speaks for itself!

they really should plan for some shades if they want to convert Orchard into a walking shopping district.

Ciki said...

yar.. unless you are tan crazy, then the human walkway IS the right side:P (coppertone.. get chor coppertone!)

Dutchie said...

We never leave home without an umbrella - protects us from sun burn n pounding headaches !

Orchard was like my 2nd home. My haunt after work n my office was there as well. It was nicer b4 the boom n overcrowding like it is now *sigh*