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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Singapore Book of Records Moon Cake Making Challenge

I was walking past The Cental earlier today and saw so many chefs! What's going on?
It seems that chefs from many restaurants in Singapore have gathered to set a record for the Singapore Book of Records, a record for making Moon Cakes.

So many chefs making mooncakes

I was too tired to stay and watch what they were going to do.

Hmm.. look at one of the chef pointing at me. Was he going to make me into meat balls for taking a photo of him? *knees knocking each other*

Wishing all a very Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.
Enjoy watching the moon, eating moon cakes and sipping tea tonight!


marley said...

Have you heard the saying 'Too many cooks spoil the broth'? I hope they didn't ruin the cakes!

arabesque said...

happy mooncake 2u2! ^-^
we used to have memorable festivals here but recently, i think this tradition has been wearing out.

Ciki said...

he looks like he's pointing over your shoulder!

doc said...

i think you guys are in deep trouble! you've been infected with a malaysian affliction called "malaysia boleh!"

wasted resources & manpower, just to be the best, biggest, longest, tallest, etc. all for what? just to be mentioned in a book no one really cares!!

c'mon, s'pore. you can do better!!!

singapore interior photography said...

happy mid-autumn festival...

Old Beng said...

I was right there standing behind you and the chef was pointing at me, not you la, ha ha.

Unknown said...

there's also a saying many hands make light work :-)

You think it's related to the economy? During the good times people remember to celebrate, bad times people will just give it a miss.

cumi & ciki
I hope he is... and it seems it is pointing at 'old beng' who commented below. haha

ya loh. it's also known as the small country syndrome. everything must be big because country so small.

there's a proverb that goes, meaningless, meaningless, everything is meaningless...

Same to you too ;-)

Old Beng,
How come did not say hi?
Luckily he was pointing at you, I thought I did something wrong!

Old Beng said...

Ha ha didn't know that's you la. Next time.