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Thursday, October 08, 2009

This car park accepts NETS CashCard only

We have been noticing that messages like this are appearing. "This car park accepts NETS CashCard only."

This car park accepts NETS CashCard only.

It's so 'entertaining' (ya, I must be bored to think it's entertaining) to read how people can argue and criticize the new CEPAS cards. Mostly about have a 'convenience fee' for Giro top-ups.

You just need to go to the or forums to entertain yourself.


DK said...

I still don't see the benefits of changing to this new EZ-link card

Unknown said...

It only benefits 'certain' companies, not the commuters.

If NETS would to come up with their 'CEPAS + Cashcard hybrid card' soon, (and don't charge for any convenience fee, and say only $2 non refundable cost), I think many people would flock over to NETS.

They should be able to earn lots from interest collected with all the money in the cards/banks and other related services.

Unknown said...

Hmmm I commented too early!

Looks like NETS just launced their FlashPay Card! But am not sure if it has a chip inside so that it works with other chip based transaction.

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