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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Singapore's 1st Eco Mall

I happened to be at Kitchener Road (near Little India) yesterday and saw that there's yet another new mall! They never stop sprouting out in Singapore.

What caught my eye is the banner.

City Square Mall

It says it is Singapore's first eco-mall.

Get vouchers!

I actually went to the Information Counter and ask why they call themselves an eco-mall. The lady said:
1) the toilet (urinals) use no water.
2) lots of natural sunlight that lights up the mall and
3) the food court exhaust uses some UV thingy. (not sure what it means)

But while walking around I see that they shops sells more eco friendly products. Eg, the electrical shop that has a banner that says it has the largest collection of eco-friendly electrical products you can find. How interesting!

Oh, mum and two of my aunts were with me, if you are a lady and like shopping, Metro in this mall is having a fabulous sale! The ladies bought lots of clothes!


marley said...

I'm not sure that makes it an Eco-mall, but its a good sales pitch!

chillycraps said...

i must check it out some day, The eco concert is interesting, and maybe can really check out how eco-friendly it is.

arabesque said...

sounds too good to be true, but if it says what it is then maybe it's really eco-friendly... and whaa! what about the toilets with no h20?
^-^ wonder if it smells....

Unknown said...


ya, it made me want to go in.
maybe it was also the offers that they had.

i think it's not very. but good enough effort. :-p

ya, many places in Singapore has this men's standing urinal that does not need water. it does not really smell. urine's suppose to be sterile.

Michelle Leong said...

Hi Keropok Man!

I'm not sure if you are the same/correct Keropok Man I know from my radio deejay times in NUS a few years back :)

Anyway, I happened to chance upon your blog and this post when I was searching for eco-malls in Singapore.

My fiance and I are working on a green startup too! Do help us share our Facebook page with your friends -

We hope green living will continue to grow and take off in Singaporeans like you and I! :)

Michelle Leong