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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Posers at ION

No, I don't know them. But I took a photo of them.
There was a lady taking photo of her friends.

Posers at ION

It seems everyone likes taking photos with them. :-)

By the way, are you a shopaholic? :-)


Andrea said...

haha. have you seen the back side of these statues? pretty funny! my 10 yr old calls them the butt statues.

no, not a shopaholic but if i were i certainly couldn't afford to be one at ion. who buys stuff there???

btw - my family has been following your blog for over a year now before we moved to singapore. don't think i've commented before now but we really enjoy both of your blogs.

arabesque said...

let me guess, those posers would be filipinos! ^-^
lol, they love to pose, be seen and take lots of pictures! ^-^

i confess i'm a shopaholic but mostly depending on my mood...^-^
but shopping at ion?! haha, in my wildest dreams! just like what andrea said just purely window shopping! ^_^

Ciki said...

yes i am a shopper holic

also, if i was there, id the taking photos of the statues too.. oops, i mean WITH.

Unknown said...

Yeah, saw the back. Not very nice to post it here right? hehe...

Tourist buy stuff there! And some richer people.

Thanks for visiting! :-)

Yes, you are absolutely correct!
Window shopping can be fun. If it's not too long, or your legs will complain. But I realise when ladies shop, their legs never get tired??

Posting with Prada bags with the statues? hehe

Store windows on Twitter said...

Thank you for posting that.
When people start taking photographs it means something viral was created.
I like what they've done.