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Friday, December 28, 2007

Accident at corner of Orchard & Scotts Road

Today I was on the way to meet up with Ed of Kuala Lumpur Daily Photo who is visiting Singapore and wonder why the traffic is so slow moving.

Aha! This was partially the cause. Why?

Whenever there's an accident, passerby and drivers slow down, not out of concern, but they want to look at the number plates of the vehicles!

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chillycraps said...

aww u blurred out the numbers!!

haha no lah, I don't gamble.

Anonymous said...

actually not true...

Most of the time, PEOPLE GET TOO SICK OF THE JAM, they curse those bad drivers so much that it actually takes up sometime ...

And of course, we have one lane for the bus and blah blah not, that why of course no space to go lar!

Anonymous said...

I believe I was a bit ahead of you in the traffic as I was stopped at the red light at the junction of Orchard and Scotts when at least 30seconds into the red light I saw a red vehicle driving with speed and straight ahead, ignoring the signal. The driver of the black vehicle coming from Wheelock's place could not avoid it and I saw him coming out of his vehicle stopped in the middle of the junction obviously quite shocked. Meanwhile the red vehicle ended its trip against the flow in the opposite lane on Scotts (at the location you actually took the picture I believe). I really suspected by then this wold create a massive traffic jam. And as you said the rubber necks are not helping in this kind of situation.