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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Conrad Centennial Singapore Bear Tree

Was at Conrad Centernnial Singapore for a farewell lunch. Colleague's leaving us, after 9.5 years. We will miss him. All the best KP!

These bears looks so cuddly ya?

If you were a kid, would you love this tree?

Are you a teddy bear collector?


Dan said...

Wow what a great idea for a christmas tree. What happens to all the bears after the holidays?

By the way, thanks for visiting my site. I like roast duck myself!

lzs said...

Here's my bear bear tree too :)

zakscloset said...

wow! that's an amazing tree! i'm not a kid but i would love to have that tree!!!! please feel free to ship it to nottingham :^)

Olivier said...

superbe ce sapin de Teddy Bear, j'imagine un sapin d'Amedée ;o)). Oui je collectionne les peluches (je sais, c'est pas sérieux ;o) )
This magnificent tree Teddy Bear, I see it as a tree of Amedée ;o)). Yes, I collect lint (I know, it's not serious ;o) )

Anonymous said...

That is a very unusual tree for the holidays. Will they give all the bears to children?

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea to put it altogether! :) They have those bears in each room if you stay there. And best part is, the guest can take it along with you when you check out. I got 1 from HK Conrad when i was there on work trip. Quite similar ;)

ro_pumpkin said...

do i have to be a kid to like this tree ? hahaha
i'm not a collector and i hope that not too many people collect teddy bears . but i do have one ... hahaha

Sally said...


Re the chhewing gum shot on mine. Bet there's more than afew school teachers around here who wish we had a dose of the Lee Kuan Yew medicine!

Ming the Merciless said...

Love the teddy bear tree. Amazing and totally creative.

I have a red, cashmere teddy bear for a Christmas present four years ago.

Anonymous said...

Nice Christmas tree!

Alex's World! -

Unknown said...

I am not a collector but I do like that unique tree!

MJ said... the bears!! and the cool tree as well.

Unknown said...

hi all,
thanks for the comments.

i am not sure what happens to the bears. haha.. maybe they give them to their hotel guests? or give it to some charity?

my sis told me, there's one at home after she say the picture. i did not know that. haha..