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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Brands: French, British, Japanese, Australian, Singaporean

This is one popular mall along Orchard Road. This is part of the front wall where it has the name of the shops on it.

Can you name where the brands come from?
Is there any favorite of yours listed?


Jazzy said...

i like the shots like this, i've got plenty of those.

Pat said...

Lovely! I like these as well.

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Guelph Daily Photo
Photography Cafe

ro_pumpkin said...

tks for the picture , ps is probably the place where i spent more time than in any other mall . i know it so well ... hahaha ...mostly because of the french brand .

Anonymous said...

i like the french and the british brands at PS :)

zakscloset said...

i used to own a yamaha electric piano! they're great.

Unknown said...

jazzy, Pat,
i like shots like these too! :-)

you are a PS Kid! went for music lessons there?

are you from Europe? haha..

was it the clasinova?