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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Primary School Kids @ NUS playing hi tech Lego.

Yesterday after lunch, colleagues and I, we went over to the premises of the School of Computing, NUS to be 'busybodies'. There's a Lego League Competition going on.

We were quite impressed! When I was in primary school, lego meant ordinary legos. This kids are programming robotic legos!

Did you as a kid also admired your neighbour's invention, just like this kid here?

Oh man... my lego sure did not look like this when I was young! This is programmable and can move according to what was programmed into it!

You can read more about it at:

So... did you play with Lego when you were young?


zakscloset said...

wow those are impressive inventions! those kids nowadays are so smart and talented. the most inventive stuff i did as a kid is probably designing clothes for my barbie doll collections...

Z said...

Yes, I loved my Lego sets, though I always wanted the one with the motor that my older sibling had! Plus, it had only yellow and black bricks, which made it look so much more grown up and sophisticated compared to my primary colors one... Ah, the good old days!

alaya said...

i played lego when i was young. it was much simpler and more colorful

Pat said...

Simply amazing and you sure caught the fantastic expressions on their faces!


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Gwen said...

I loved lego sets, these are really way more sophisticated than mine were.

Unknown said...


wow, you designed clothes for your dolls? my sis always bought them! haha..

times have changed eh? toys get so sophisticated nowadays.

i wonder where are my legos now. wonder if mum threw or gave them away.

you can really see that they are totally into it ya!

i even had those big big kiddos legos. haha..

Meg said...

If I remember correctly, a friend of mine's sons go to this thing called Lego Olympics or some such. I never understood it, but it must be something like this. Life and learn.

Ming the Merciless said...

Amazing photos!!

These kids are amazing. I was still picking my nose at their age. :-)

Anonymous said...

Quincy had their Lego FIRST competition in December also. (See: I wish I got as close a look as you did. I think our future looks promising with these young minds at the helm. The spirit of cooperation alongside competition in this program is impressive. Do you also have FIRST Robotics programs in your city?

Unknown said...

wow, Lego Olympics too?

ah... that's so corny!

most schools have some sort of robotics program. that's what I heard from my sis. the school that she teaches in has one.