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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Apple Monitors & Apple Keyboards for Information Kiosk @ Vivo City

Wow, doesn't it look nice? Vivo City, one of the newer shopping mall in Singapore recently had this new information kiosk that's also a Visa Card promo kiosk. Look, they are using high resolution Apple Monitors and the new slim Apple Keyboards.

There are a few of it side by side as well.

I guess the Apple products looks so good, they do not really need to mask it up. Most kiosk have the monitor enclosed in some boxes.

So... Do you own any Apple products?


zakscloset said...

i can't afford most apple products but i do manage to own an ipod shuffle! it broke twice though and i'm finally giving up...

Olivier said...

voila un écran impressionnant (le clavier est grandiose aussi). Une bonne publicité

Voila an impressive screen (the keyboard is too grandiose). Good advertising

ro_pumpkin said...

design . so important in our life . but i don't know why , i don't enjoy apple . i think it looks cool , but somehow too "in your face" . when too little (the minimalist apple) is too much . so , i don't have any apple product , but i wouldn't say no to one .

Unknown said...


oh no... it broke twice? my shuffle is somewhere in some drawer. i wonder where it is now! it's been so long since i touched it.


they are. i wonder if it's sponsored by the 'fruit company' as well. haha..


i guess design sells. but 'designer' goods are expensive isn't it?

but sometimes i do prefer using my mac to work compared to my pc. gives me much much less problem.

• Eliane • said...

Nice! I am a AppleGirl and unapologetic about it.
There's a shoes store close by that uses a Apple monitor in the window. There's happy people buying or getting shoes as gift in loop on the screen.

Ming the Merciless said...

Oh wow! But where would you sit?

I have an iPod Nano that I got for Christmas two weeks ago. Not a huge fan of it but I use it a lot when I'm on the train and bus.

Unknown said...


Yes, so envious of the Iphone you have!! It takes great photos too!

Too bad, it won't arrive in Asia till next year. Hopefully it will come with a 3G version when it arrives :-)


I think if you hang out with Eliane more, you will be a Mac convert! LOL...