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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Open Minds @ Singapore Design Festival 2007

Anyone who loves things with interesting or good design should visit the Singapore Design Festival 2007. I was there last weekend and went through a few free (yes, free) exhibition.

There are also paid exhibitions, but we were too tired to go through it and we were suppose to meet friends for dinner.

Well, if you are interested, you have until 8 December to catch the festival.

The Falling Cube at the entrance of City Hall, where most of the exhibitions are held.

I took this on Friday nite, 30 Nov.

Then I was thinking, Open Mind.. so I did! I took out my brains and waited till Sunday 2 November for daylight to take another shot of it.

Really I did! But I went home in between. :-p

More about the Design Festival 2007 @


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, good one :P

Olivier said...

surprenant ce cube publicitaire.

Surprisingly, this cube advertising.

Ioanna said...

The falling cube is very impressive! I love all your photos! I thing the third is my best!

zakscloset said...

i love your time sequence series! it's so much fun to see an object from many angles.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the Surpreme court?
How is it possible for such an event to be held in it?

Sorry it's a long time since I returned to Singapore. :P


Unknown said...

hi all,
thanks for your comments :-)


Supreme Court has shifted for some time already. They are at a brand new UFO like building which is very nice. :-)

ro_pumpkin said...

i like the first one with the girl sitting there alone with an open mind (hopefully)


A very artistic concept!

~tanty~ said...

The girl in the first photo must be tired. The falling cube is impressive.

Unknown said...


ya, i was going to take the photo, and waited for the lady to move. realise the lady wont be budging, but it turn out nice eh...


i actually had another with someone holding it! it looks so funny. but i did not post it here.

Ming the Merciless said...

Love the contrast between the evening and day shots (photos 2 & 3).

Anonymous said...

hey! i love the singapore design festival too. also did a spread on it, featuring urban foundry.

check it out! Pretty cool furniture featured.