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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Are you brand conscious?

After posting yesterday's photo, I realise I took a similar shot at Vivo City too just one or two weeks ago. You can see the roof top 'playground' of Vivo City on this picture as well.

I guess the brands here are different from the ones yesterday.

How many products from the brands do you own?
Are you brand conscious?


Kate said...

I own and have purchased items from 3 of the brands on your photo. Of course I'm brand conscious when the products are high quality. I bet bloggers are brand conscious when they research cameras and lenses, don't you think?!

ro_pumpkin said...

i used to own some products from kopitiam ... hahaha
i am brand conscious , i'm trying to avoid stupid , arrogant , overpriced products where you only pay for the name on the label .

Anonymous said...

sir, how can you post your pictures with that size? i tried doing it but it seems that it has the same size w/c is default. maybe you can give me some suggestions on how I can resize everything, thanks sir!

J.C. said...

Niichi is very popular now in KL! I bought some of its clothes. Nice and affordable!

zakscloset said...

i am a super brand conscious in terms of *window shopping*

Unknown said...

i guess you are so right! :-)

products from Kopitiam???

when you post look at the HTML codes view, change the codes :-) it's not that difficult.

Niichi is for female only right? I walked in once only.

haha.. how often do you do window shop?