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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Long Taxi Queue, but no one's boarding the cabs.

Just a few weeks ago, the taxi companies in Singapore raised their fares. Depending on where and when you take it, you might be paying up to 49% more. Whatever 'justification' the taxi operators are giving, many people don't buy it. I think the passengers are retaliating by taking less trips.

This photo is taken a few days ago. Many people have realized that it is now much easier to hail cabs. Taxi are lining up and there does not seem to be people taking it. Previously, it was the opposite. Long queues of people waiting, but no cabs.

What's your wish for the new year? Cheaper public transport fares? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Oh well, becoming like Hong Kong now, thousands of taxis waiting for customer.

Much better this way since we can hail a cab easily.

Details: said...

Serve them right for those cab companies. It is simply too expensive to take cab these days.

Xizor2000 said...

Let's hope it stays this way all the way. These transport companies deserve a black eye.

Anonymous said...

Well, definitely better to have long queue of people waiting for taxi :)

Alen said...

If you feel expensive, don't take the taxi. Let them solve the "problem" in this way.

alicesg said...

Inflation going up up up. I think I will buy a bicycle to travel around. :)

Xizor2000 said...

Rumor is that some taxi drivers are saying that if the current 'bad business' situation persists until Chinese New Year, they are considering quitting. Let's keep this up...

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, is this photo taken in Clementi town centre?

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Unknown said...

yes, we can really get a cab really easy nowadays!

nowdays when you board, they try to convince you that it is not that bad! haha..

today's sunday times (6 Jan) has an article about it!

you think they will quit? hope not. else more pple out of jobs ;-(

this picture that i took, everytime i pass by, there's still a queue! the cab queue haha..

i have been taking buses or trains more nowadays, only when i am horribly late. or when there are 3 -4 person, it's still cheaper to take a cab.

you sure you want to go round in a bike? singapore roads are not really bike friendly you know! my colleague who rides around can vouch for that!

you are so sharp! yes it is!