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Friday, December 07, 2007

Boys' Brigade Sharity Gift Box.

This is also spotted along Orchard Road this week. It's the Annual Boys' Brigade Sharity Gift Box.

So, what is this?

An excerpt from their website at explains it all.


For 20 years, The Boys’ Brigade has been seeking to bring cheer to the less fortunate by collecting food items and fulfilling Christmas wishes of the beneficiaries through The Boys’ Brigade Sharity Gift Box. These gift items reach out to more than 180 Voluntary Welfare Organisations and 3,000 individuals under the Public Assistance Scheme.

This project is all about YOU! You can make someone’s wish come true this Christmas!

This is a unique project as donors are encouraged to go beyond purely financial giving and are instead challenged to make the extra effort to buy gifts for the less privileged in our society.


Local Broadcaster ChannelNewsAsia also have an recent write up about it here.

So, for yourself personally, do you often help or give to the underprivileged?

For the locals reading this, if I am not mistaken, you can go to any of the Fairprice Supermarkets and they have this box manned by the Boys' Brigade where you can buy stuff and pass it to them.


Kate said...

These are important organizations that bring cheer to many people in a stressful season. It is also very important to continue the assistance year round. My major contribution goes to UNICEF because children worldwide are my major concern.

Olivier said...

c'est une très bonne idée et j'aime bien leurs cœurs. bon weekend

It is a very good idea and I like their hearts. Good weekend

ro_pumpkin said...

it looks like orchard road is packed with all kind of things these days

zakscloset said...

that is such a lovely programme!

• Eliane • said...

We organized a toy drive at work for a homeless shelter in the Bronx. We each picked names and bought gifts for the kids.
Otherwise, NYC has a great organization - New York Cares. You can sign up for projects whenever you want, or do it on a regular basis. All kinds of projects: from soup kitchen, to painting a school, to gardening in the parks, ... It is such a great concept.