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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Circle of Life - In Aid of National Cancer Centre Research Fund

I was at a concert earlier this evening. It was held at the Victoria Theatre and it is in aid of the National Cancer Centre Research Fund.

This is the cheaper ticket at the Circle Seat upstairs. :-)

It started at 8PM all the way till around 10.20PM.
One of the many dances performed by students from the Sylvia McCully School of Dancing.

When was the last time you attended a ballet concert?


zakscloset said...

oh how adorable! i always like to go see ballet. i try to go at least once a year. it's a perfect time to see nutcrackers now!

iml said...

Delighted to know you were at the performance last night. Hope you enjoyed the concert. The girls & boys have put in long hours for this concert. I'll be attending it tonight.

Olivier said...

elle est très belle la deuxième photo. les costumes sont superbes.
le dernier ballet, cela doit être la fête de fin d'année de ma petite nièce.

It is beautiful the second photograph. The costumes are superb.
The last ballet, this should be the year-end party for my little niece.

Unknown said...


they are so adorable indeed!

Hope you like it too. Ya, all the weekly rehearsal they put in! And parents ferrying them to rehearsal every week too!

is your niece also performing in a year end ballet? that would be so nice!

iml said...

I am glad all the hardwork by parents were well worth it. I should know, I am the parent!! Do hope it's okay, I've linked your post to mine as I could not take any clear shot sitting at where I was :(