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Saturday, December 29, 2007

What do you do on a bus?

In Singapore, about 1500 of the buses have television sets installed. This is an example of one taken yesterday. It is called TV Mobile.

It is a digital television broadcast and can be picked up if you have a digital receiver. Read more about it at

Does the city you live in have similar tv sets on buses? Or you prefer a peaceful bus ride and not being bombarded by advertisements ;-)


Bill said...

So let me see if I understand this...When you ride the bus, you get to watch other people play "Twister"?.....I'm kind of glad Delta is too small to have buses :)

brokenshardz said...

i know that NingBo in China, the buses there have something like TVMobile. But if I were to compare the 2 services, I think TVMobile has to look into Ning Bo's.

Jilly said...

Nothing like that here. We just look out of the windows at the scenery - or I suppose one could read a book.

Nice photo.

Olivier said...
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