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Monday, December 10, 2007

At the NUS Field: No Play, Field Closed

Spotted at the NUS Field: No Play Field Closed.
It has been raining for the past weeks and the field is soft and muddy.

Has it been raining where you are living?
It has been raining and everyone's getting really moody!


Kate said...

Soggy fields are bad for all sports.

Anonymous said...

Yes it was raining in Manchester. At least for the past few days.

Alex's World!

zakscloset said...

OH YES! it's been raining cats and dogs in nottingham too! wow, great picture! i love it!!

Bettey said...

It has been POURING here, as usual. But a break today, its actually sunny.

Poor field. No play today :(

• Eliane • said...

Yep, raining in NYC today. How did you guess??

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

R-r-r-raining? Thinny and for long time?? Field soft and muddy??? In Singapore?????? Mwuaaaahhh :-))))))))

ro_pumpkin said...

well , it's the rainy season there. i remember in 2005-2006 , everyday between end of december and beggining of february the rain was present , sometimes 2-3 times a day . 42 daysin a row . i was so deppresed .
raining here also for the past 2 days .