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Sunday, December 09, 2007

St Andrews Cathedral

Paris Daily Photo posted a photo of Hunch Bak of Notre Dame a few days ago.

I happen to take this photo of St Andrews Cathedral in Singapore. Not very similar, but since I took a photo of it, here it is.

Looking at their website at, I realise that they have a Welcome Centre and it organizes tours. One of these days I might just take a tour inside, or ask my colleague who worships here for a personalized tour.


If you are in Singapore or happen to visit Singapore between 15 - 25 December, take time to enjoy performance by various groups from local and overseas churches along Orchard Road. For more info, visit the Celebrate Christmas in Singapore Website.


zakscloset said...

what a beautiful picture! the white stands out in the dark very well. i wish i could be there during the christmas...

Anonymous said...

I heard originally, it was very much nicer. Much of it was lost during restoration. It's ashamed.

However, this photo paints a different story. It's elegant in this photo due to the contrasting black background.

Well done!


Olivier said...

une belle photo de nuit, j'aime beaucoup

A beautiful picture at night, I love

Gwen said...

The lighting really illustrates the stained glass windows and spire. Beautiful photograph.

• Eliane • said...

Nice!!! Beautifully lit!