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Friday, December 14, 2007

NUS School of Computing Infocomm Fest 2007

These pictures are so fresh from the oven. The SoC Infocomm Fest 2007 is a series of events targeted at youths from the age of 9 to 25.

The SoC Infocomm Fest consists of:
- ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest for Asia
- Algo*Mania
- First LEGO League Competition
- SoC Infocomm Camps 2007

I am so interested to look at the LEGO league. Let me try to get some photos of the LEGO event. Here are some photos of students cracking their heads for the ACM ICPC at around 11 am.

The balloons that are all around. It really makes it 'FESTive'. :-)

Who will be the champions?
The results will be known tonight at the University Cultural Centre from 6 PM.

For more information, view the organisers's website at:


Pat said...

What a large balloon! The students all look studious in their nice orange T shirts!


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Bill said...

Looks like a fun event!

I seem to have misplaced the postcard you sent me earlier this year, and my "DDP Swag" is finally in. If you email me your physical mailing address, I will put some in the mail to you. You can send the mail to


Unknown said...


It's normal size balloons! haha... it's just zoomed in.

I will email it to you :-)