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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Knock Knock, who's there? Lion King

Spotted at the big huge doors at City Hall.

More about visiting this place at the Uniquely Singapore Website.

Do you think it looks like some animation from Lion King? :-)


Olivier said...

une belle poignée de porte, mais je ne mettrais pas la main dedans ;o)

A beautiful handful door, but I would not hand in ;o).

zakscloset said...

amazing picture! is it there to scare the visitors away?

Jilly said...

What a beautiful door knocker. And yes, the Lion King indeed. beautiful. I love the patina in the photo - at least it looks like that.

• Eliane • said...

Did you try? Did you knock?? He seems not to want you to.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is beautiful.

Alex's World! -

Gwen said...

The monochromatic coloring has texture, like the door knocker.

Unknown said...

I think it does not bite. Don't worry. haha..

Maybe it is! :-)

Oh no, I still have the Disney Song ringing in my head after I posted this a few days ago!

I am afraid it will growl at me!

Never noticed it until I went near!

The texture is nice indded :-)