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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Run Your Own Race

This morning, thousands in Singapore ran the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007. No, I was not one of those who ran. I know a few friends who did.

I was only at the site when everything was over in the afternoon. :-)
So, here's a photo of the last 25M marker.

Who won? The Kenyan and Ethopians won the Top 5 each for the Mens and Womens Full Marathon. Congratulations!

You can check out the details at

Mr & Mrs J&J Lee, hope you all finished the race!


ro_pumpkin said...

my favourite 3 posts from your blog for november are : nov 12 - t3open house ; nov 25 - taka christmas tree ; nov 27 - rubbish .
thank you

• Eliane • said...

Of course, the Kenyans and Ethiopians won. Big surprise there. ;)
They'd better watch out when you participate next year!