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Sunday, December 23, 2007

What the world thinks of Christmas

Is this Christmas? Lights, fairy tales, decorations?
This is how Orchard Road is decorated. These are more pictures of the Orchard Road decorations in Singapore.

Millions must have photographed this. You can even see people posing in the picture above. haha...

What does Christmas mean to you?


Kate said...

The setting is quite elaborate, isn't it. Christmas has changed significantly over the years from childhood wonderment, young adult materialism which has extended too long I fear, and now a pulling back and rethinking of its spiritual meaning instead, but at the same time keeping the sense of wonder for our grandkids. Throughout, however, it's always been about family and friends. Thanks for your many visits and kind comments on my blog this year. It is my wish that your holiday season is joyous and that 2008 is one of good health and delightful occasions.

julia said...

Extravgent wonderful show. I am into the spiritual theme but rather like some lights as an extra dimension. BEst wishes for the festive season.

J.C. said...

To me, Christmas brings to mind family and friends get-together. It's also a time of reflection and gratitude for all the abundance that we have enjoyed throughout the year and a time of sharing with the less fortunate. It's my favourite festival of the year! :o)